Preliminary programme

8:30       Welcome coffee

9:00       Introduction of the day

9:15       Session 1 – Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence: State of the art
               Moderator: Pietro Ceccato (Spacebel, Belgium)

10:45     Coffee break and networking

11:15     Session 2 – Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence: Examples and applications
               Moderator: Lucien Hoffmann (LIST, Luxembourg)

12:45     Lunch Break and networking

1:45    Session 3 Round Table – Needs & challenges to implement AI into EO
            Moderator: Pierre Defourny (UCLouvain, Belgium)

3:00    Coffee break and networking

3:30    Session 4 – Tools to support AI implementation and funding potential
            Moderator: Michel Stassart (SKYWIN, Belgium)

4:45   Synthesis of the day and closing words

5:00    Closing drink