Paolo Campanella is the CEO of WASDI Sarl. He is an ICT and Automation engineer with more than 15 years of professional experience in designing and implementing ICT systems for environmental monitoring, operational hydro-meteorological forecasts, Earth Observation, and disaster risk management decision support systems at the National and International levels. Paolo has extensive experience in defining user requirements of International Institutions and Research Centers, he acted as a lecturer for several training programs for software design, development and maintenance with special application to Early Warning Systems as well as disaster risk management decision support systems. He coordinates a large ICT team, with a large experience with database management. Paolo is also a Senior Software Engineer of the main IT tools that CIMA has developed for the Italian Civil Protection Department: DEWETRA system for real-time monitoring and forecasting of weather-related extremes and FloodCat web application for recording data on historical floods. Paolo has managed the implementation of more than 20 projects on ICT systems of EO, environmental modelling, EWS and hydro-meteorological forecasting.