Thomas-Louis de Lophem is a trained Physicist and Mechanical Engineer, now studying AI at MIT. He started his career at the European Space Agency, coordinating a Parabolic Flights programme. He spent 5 years working in the energy sector, and then moved on to taking leadership positions in tech start-ups at a very early stage for 7 years: first at an e-commerce startup the Netherlands, then at a Belgian start-up detecting defects in solar panels using drones and AI. Both companies grew from 4-5 to 40 employees during his time.

In 2021, he joined Scanworld, a Belgian startup aiming at building a Hyperspectral satellite constellation dedicated to Agriculture. He was responsible for designing, building and delivering to the market all the products that Scanworld aimed for.

Since Scanworld has been acquired by ConstellR in 2022, he has led the Analytics and Applications team, turning complex scientific data and concepts into actionable insights for our Agriculture customers.