Olivier Dubois has over 20 years of experience in GIS technologies, specializing in Oracle Spatial. His goal is to make the link between IT and GIS, using database technologies to improve interoperability between systems. He has implemented projects with major European players such as Paris & Qatar Airports, several public sector organizations, Tom Tom, and HERE.
His team has developed a new, innovative product called GIP (Geo-Intelligent-Platform) to enable business operators to make better decisions, based on realtime geolocated events, and to share real time knowledge based on Big and Fast data across silos operational systems.

As CEO and founder of Oscars, Olivier also dedicates his time to sharing GIS knowledge across Europe, through training and speaking engagements.
Oscars received the 2012 Oracle Spatial Excellence Award in the Partnership Category. ESA Incubee from now more that 7 years, we participate in ESA Smart Airport program to optimize turnaround operation within Airport.
The Oscars company website is at http://www.oscars-sa.eu et http://www.gip4.com.